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We're students advocating for the most effective climate policy.


About the CFD Movement

The CFD Movement started in 2023 by students in Citizens' Climate Lobby at the College of William & Mary and is now spreading nationwide across campuses. We young people will be most impacted by the changing climate, so we're focused on this policy because it is the single most effective climate policy that could be passed in the US.

What is a Carbon Fee and Dividend?

1. The Fee

Fossil Fuel companies pay for their carbon pollution.

(Because right now they're polluting for free!)

2. The Dividend

The fee money goes to all Americans equally to protect low and middle income Americans from any increased costs.

3. Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

To protect America's competitiveness and spur other countries to adopt carbon pricing, impose a fee on imports of dirty goods.

What's Next?

Are you a student, faculty, alum, or community member who wants to bring the movement to your school?

Are you out of school and want to advocate for a carbon fee and dividend in your local community?

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