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Why a carbon fee and dividend?

Because it’s the single most effective climate policy.

1 / It makes corporations pay a fee to extract fossil fuels.

This fee will make it more expensive to pollute, and it will increase gradually over time.

2 / Businesses and people are incentivized to switch to cheaper greener energy.

Innovation for clean energy will also be spurred, make the policy good for the economy.

3 / The revenue from fee gets distributed equally to all Americans.

This will ensure all Americans, including the most vulnerable, are able to afford this transition. The majority of Americans will break even or actually profit from the money they get back in the form of "dividends".

How it Works

The largest statement of economists in history says it's the most effective climate policy.

People who have signed:


U.S. Economists


Former Chairs of the Federal Reserve


Nobel Laureate Economists


Former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers

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