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About the Carbon Fee and Dividend Movement

Who We Are

The CFD Movement is a powerful grassroots movement led by students and focused the single most effective climate policy. Founded at the College of William & Mary in 2023, we organize students nationally to mobilize for a national carbon fee and dividend. If you are looking for a community, information on carbon pricing, or ways to level up as an advocate, we're excited to help you get the most out of our organization!

Whether you have known about carbon pricing for years or are just learning about it, we're excited to support you in any level of involvement with the movement that you'd like to have. To get connected to the CFD Movement, we encourage you to fill out our welcome form. We're always excited to talk and connect you with any network members you'd like to speak to. 

Th CFD Movement holds two national calls a month to allow members to connect with each other and share organizing ideas. 

Another way to get involved is to join our Slack. Our Slack channel is where most member discussion happens.

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